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Dough Bowl candles are an extremely popular home decor item at the moment, and we are totally here for all the rustic farmhouse vibes. If after you've enjoyed your Simply Vela Dough Bowl candle, you wish to incorporate them into your home decor, instead of participating in our Refill Program (where you send us your dough bowl back and we refill it for you at a discounted price), we've got a super easy how-to on cleaning your Dough Bowl out and repurposing them for Spring in your home. Keep reading to learn four ways to style your Dough Bowls for Spring!

Dough Bowls make the perfect home decor item, with all the different styles, sizes and shapes, the possibilities are endless!

First things time to clean out your Dough Bowl after enjoying your Simply Vela Candle:

It's quite easy to clean out your Dough Bowl and you only need a few things to do it. Start by gathering the below items so you have them handy.

  • Trash Can or little plastic cups (like the to-go kind you might see in a restaurant) which can be used to catch the leftover wax and be re-used on a tealight warmer. 
  • Paper Towels
  • A heat gun or hair blowdryer
  • Butter Knife
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  •  Start by carefully holding your bowl over the trash can, or plastic cup, at a bit of an angle, so the melted wax will drip into it.
  •  Grab your heat gun or blow dryer and start heating up the wax so it melts.
  • Pour out the liquid wax into the trash can or plastic cup - never pour wax down the sink drains. 
  • Once the wax is poured out, use your heat gun or blow dryer and heat up the wick tabs a bit and use the butter knife to pup them off the bowl. 
  • Use your paper towels to wipe out any residual wax and then add some rubbing alcohol to a clean paper towel and finish wiping out your bow. Alternatively, you can use alcohol wipes to do a final clean on the bowl. 

Now your bowl is ready to be re-purposed. Use it to hold keys, coins, jewelry or with the help of some fun ideas below, as a decor piece in your home. 

Four ways to style your Dough Bowl for Spring

For these styles, I made a mental note of what I wanted to showcase in my bowls and gathered the below supplies. I have a few different sizes of bowls, a smaller one and a longer narrow one, so I didn't need too much to fill them up. I purchased all these items from Amazon and have linked them below for you! 

Style #1

This first style is super easy yet beautiful. Take your dough bowl and simply place several wicker rattan balls inside. I love the simplicity of this arrangement and how the texture of the balls compliment the rustic look of the bowl.

Style #2

For this style, I used my smaller dough bowl, but you can use any size. Start by placing some of the Spanish moss at the bottom of the bowl, as much or as little as you want. Next, simply place your ceramic bunnies inside and voila! How cute are these bunnies!?

Style #3

This arrangement truly screams, "Spring has sprung!". To start, I place a few stems of Lambs Ear on each end of the bowl, followed by some stems of color flowers. Next, place some Spanish moss atop the stems to give the arrangement some fullness. Finally add in your bird's nest and ceramic bird. The soft flowers truly provide a nice contrast to the rattan birds nest and wooden bowl.

Style #4

This last arrangement is the perfect transitional decor to take you from Spring to Summer and the simplicity of it just can't be beat. I found using a larger bowl here works best due to the size of my fake lemons but if you have smaller ones, a smaller dough bowl would work too. Simply fill your bowl with as many or few lemons as you choose and you're done. How fresh does this arrangement look!?

If you tried any of these styles, snap a pic and tag us on social media (@simplyvelacandleco), Id love to see!