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Before Simply Vela Candle Co. was conceptualized, creator and owner Noell Garza spent much of her childhood in the great State of Ohio. From small towns to big cities, she soaked up the unique qualities and authenticity that each new place could offer. Her love for diverse cultures and traditions helped to shape who she became as an adult and her passion for loving others. Noell has always had a love of art and the dedication it takes to create something out of nothing. These things, combined with a love of candles, inspired Noell to make some art of her own. After months of research, self-education, trial, and error and finally creating a few candles that were well received by family and friends, the possibility of starting a new artisan business began to look like a reality, so Noell created a plan for her business.

There is so much in a name and when Noell was thinking about what she wanted to name her new candle business, words like PURE, HONEST, AUTHENTIC came to mind. Characteristics that she values and wanted to pour into every candle she created. Her belief that candles are so simplistic in nature but can bring such joy and peace is where she knew she wanted to start when thinking of a business name. Through most of Noell's adult life she has been immersed in the Hispanic culture, through relationships as well as her children, who are Mexican-American, so she knew she wanted to incorporate that culture in some way. Admittedly she got stuck after that part and she enlisted her brothers help in coming up with beautiful name that captured the essence of what she dreamed her business would become. Vela, which means "candle" in Spanish, was the perfect fit with simplicity and without a doubt it enveloped the beauty and integrity of what would soon become Simply Vela Candle Co. 

Noell is known for never doing anything halfway and when she puts her mind to something, she gives it her all which some might say is where her perfectionist mindset comes in, but this attitude serves her well as she has an extreme attention to detail with every candle that is hand-poured right in her home workshop. From heat tested vessels to sourcing high quality fragrance oils to the longer burning soy wax made from American soy beans, every aspect of Simply Vela candles is expected to provide the best product possible. Noell knew the importance of providing a clean burning, beautifully scented product even when the candles were made only one pound at a time using a double boiler on her stovetop. Eventually as the candle testing increased, production eventually moved to the dining room (and basement, and garage - candle making supplies is everywhere!) and the need to upgrade to a sixteen-pound melting pot became very apparent. 

The future is looking bright for Simply Vela Candle Co. and we hope to have our own candle making studio one day, where we can teach candle making and provide a space for families and friends to connect over unique crafting in a space filled with love and happiness. We are confident we will get there one day and are so appreciative of all the love and support shown to us. Every purchase from our small business makes our hearts sing. 

Creating Simply Vela Candle Co. from the bottom up has taught Noell that the ability of an artisan or handmade business to do well should not be overlooked. Handmade products are a proud testament to creativity and carry a certain charm that mass produced goods simply cannot achieve. 

Although there are many attributes of the handmade business that Noell loves, one of her most cherished aspects is smelling gorgeous aromas every single day, and this is exactly what Simply Vela Candle Co. wants to share with you.

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