The new year has just begun, with endless possibilities at our fingertips, and we couldn't be more excited to share with you some BIG news! As of February 2022, Simply Vela Candle Co. will be re-branding!

As part of our rebranding strategy, some aspects of Simply Vela Candle Co will be changing but many things will not. Continue reading below to find out all the new and exciting changes coming to Simply Vela!

Our desire to bring you beautifully simply home fragrance, that enhances any space in your home, will forever be what drives this candle shop.

What's Changing?

After many months of research and testing, in addition to feedback from customers like you, all of our candle products will now be made with a Premium Soy Wax Blend, which provides an increased scent throw that we all want and love, combined with the clean-burning properties of soy. You can read more about why we made this switch and learn about our new wax on our recently published blog post.

Along with our switch to a Premium Soy Wax Blend, we have updated the look of our labels on all products to more closely reflect the modern, chic, and simplistic aesthetic that we want our products to bring into your home. Additionally, we've updated the packaging that your gorgeous Simply Vela products come in. We will be phasing out the cotton bags we've used historically and moving to box packaging. Allowing for an even more pleasing unboxing experience.

We have also updated our wax melt packaging to provide a more cost-effective option for your home fragrance collections.
Lastly, we are adding a new matte white, 10 oz vessel to our candle lineup. These new vessels will provide a chic and modern addition to your home decor and can be repurposed after you've enjoyed your candle! 

What's Not Changing

The mission and values of this company that I started in 2020 will continue to be the driving force behind every decision I make. My desire is to bring you consistent, highly fragranced candle experiences, that not only smell great in the beginning but after each and every burn so that you may enjoy beautifully simple home fragrance decor to enhance any space in your home. And I will continue to build on this mission throughout the coming months by continuously re-evaluating our product offerings and the ingredients used in all Simply Vela products. In addition, my heart-felt commitment to you, my customers, will forever be what fuels any direction this company takes. The customer experience, from order placement to unboxing to that first light of the wick will continue to guide, fuel, and push this little candle shop forward. Our Farmhouse Collection of candles is also here to stay. The timeless and adaptable look of a mason jar just doesn't go out of style. Additionally, the ingredients used in our wax melts will also remain the same. 

Looking Ahead

As I continue to expand on what Simply Vela has to offer, I am regularly looking to add new products to our candle lineup and will continue researching and testing ways to bring you even more beautifully simple home fragrance options.

These include products like:
 - Multi-Wick Candles
 - Wooden Wick Candles
 - Subscription Services
 - Updated Gift Boxes
 - Candle Care Accessories

I am very excited to say that we hope to add apparel to our shop this year as well!

With sincerest gratitude, thank you for being on this journey with me and for your continued love and support of Simply Vela Candle Co. Cheers to a new year and the endless possibilities it brings!

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