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Summer is officially here which means it's time for backyard bonfires and camping season. You've got your gear, firewood and supplies to make s'mores, but nothing can put a damper on a camping trip faster than struggling to light the fire. 

Our gorgeous and unique fire starters are perfect for your next camping trip or backyard bonfire. They also make an adorable gift for your friends, party/wedding favors, and even the men in your life will love them. 

Continue reading to learn what exactly are Fire Starters and how to use them. 

Our Soy Fire Starters are handmade with 100% soy wax and other natural ingredients, such as small pinecones, cinnamon sticks, cloves, sage leaves, lavender buds and more!

What are Fire Starters?

Soy Wax Fire Starters are made of 100% natural soy wax, and other natural elements like cedar wood shavings, lavender buds, sage leaves, lemon peels and more, all placed inside a cupcake liner. Each Starter has 2-3 cotton wicks, which makes them easy to light.

Similar to a little candle, Fire Starters burn long enough to get your firewood going and keep it going. Plus, these make the cutest gifts - just stack a few together or you can even gift them as is from us, as we package them up in sets of three, in a reusable cotton drawstring bag. You can even display them next to your wood-burning fireplace or outdoor firepit. Simply place several inside a large glass jar, and top with a lid. How cute!

How do you use Fire Starters?

Using Soy Wax Fire Starters is super easy and once you use them once, you'll never go back to traditional ways of lighting your firewood.

Simply place one fire starter under the kindling in your firepit and light the wicks. They are packed with natural and recycled elements from top to bottom and will ignite within a short period, making easy work of lighting your next camp/bonfire. 

While you can use a few of these in your indoor fireplace, they are not recommended for long-term use. Only burn these in a wood-burning fireplace or in an outdoor fire pit. Do not use in a gas-burning fireplace or wood stove.

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