Artisan-Made, Highly Scented Home Fragrance

For Noell, the owner and founder of Simply Vela Candle Co. LLC, she believes it matters where we choose to spend our hard-earned dollars and it's important that there be value in what we purchase. Her desire in starting Simply Vela Candle Co. was to create highly scented home fragrance products, that consistently smell great, burn after burn so you can enjoy beautifully simple home fragrance décor that will enhance any space in your home. Every candle we pour contains aroma carefully designed to harness the power of scent and allow you a moment of self-care. 

Simply Vela Dough Bowl Candle


There is beauty in simplicity.
Our vision is to create a unique brand of high-quality artisan candles that enhance your space, cultivate joy and allow for a moment of self-care through aromatherapy.


“The room is not clean, the mood is not set, the seasons cannot begin, the house is not a home...until the candles are lit”

A giant lilac bush—my grandma’s pride—always sat at the front of my grandparent's farmhouse, near the road so all the passersby could see its beauty, yet close enough that Momo could easily go and snip a few blossoms to enjoy inside. In the distance, Popo would cruise idly atop the riding mower, its rumble reverberating across acres of green.

This is a favorite childhood memory, living on my grandparents' farm. And still today, if I catch a waft of sweet, heady lilac, or earthy, fresh-cut grass, I am right back there again. 

Scent carries power. Power to evoke emotion, to transport us to a moment in time, a favorite memory, or a special place. It can make us stop in our tracks and reflect, even if just for a moment. It brings JOY.

Every candle I pour contains aroma carefully designed to harness that power. To help with healing. To let you take a breath. To cultivate joy. There is something to be said about the simple act of lighting a candle at the end of a rough day, creating a mindful moment to check in with yourself or to signify that the house is (finally) clean.

I invite you to become a part of the Simply Vela family and I'm so thankful you are here. My hope is that you love Simply Vela candles as much as I love making them for you. 

xo, Noell

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Product Features

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Premium Soy Wax Blend

Simply Vela Candle Co. creates candles that are vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free. We use a Premium Soy Blend Wax in our candle products. We strive to keep candles simple with clean ingredients. 


High-Quality Fragrance Oils

Simply Vela utilizes only the highest quality, phthalate-free fragrance oils in our candles. The fragrances used undergo testing to deem they are safe and free from toxins.


Handcrafted in Small Batches

Simply Vela candles are hand-poured in small batches with great attention to detail and quality. All candles are handcrafted right in our home, located in Columbus, Ohio.